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Bike Cleveland created the Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB) program to help organizations meet the needs of customers and employees who want to arrive to their destination by bicycle. Bicycle amenities are no longer a novelty in cities, they are part of the cost of entry for companies that want to compete in the 21st century. It really isn't too difficult or expensive to be bike friendly, but certain things should be in place to make cycling an easy choice. The two essentials that all BFB's have in common is a culture that embraces cycling and readily available bike parking that is secure and conveniently located. Once those two things are in place it’s pretty easy to earn recognition. The following questionnaire allows us to determine how well you are currently doing. We're here to help you, too! If there are areas where you need improvement, we have information and services that will enable you to easily integrate bike-friendly elements. Once the questionnaire is submitted, we will follow up with a site visit and come up with a plan for moving forward. Businesses that do not initially qualify can continue to receive support to help you earn BFB recognition. A Bike Cleveland Business Membership is also an excellent investment. Levels start at $300 annually and a portion can be paid for through in kind support. Thank you for helping take Cleveland to the next level of bike friendliness!
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Is There a Changing Room or Clean Restroom with Ample Space That Locks for Commuting Employees to Use? *
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Do You Have an On Site Bike Repair Kiosk For Your Staff Emergency Repairs? *
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Education and Advocacy
Do You Keep Any Bicycle Related Information Available to Employees or Customers? *
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Does Your Company Participate in Any Local Bicycle Events? This Could Be Sponsorship, Staff Teams, or Volunteering?
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This questionnaire sets a baseline for understanding where your company stands at just one point in time. We will work together to fix any missing aspects of being a Bicycle Friendly Business. Thank you for taking this first step!
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