REcon - Call for Submissions
Thank you for you interest in sharing your expertise and contributing to the design and research community. Please keep the following guidelines in mind when making your submission.

Our goal is to make REcon an interactive experience focused on user and design research, and have talks and activities that enable attendees to:
• Learn how UX leaders are employing 21st century design research principles and tools, and how they have re-imagined traditional approaches to meet real-world constraints.
• Discover new approaches for collaborating with designers, product owners, developers and other research partners in order to deliver the most impactful research.
• Learn about and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by researchers as new technologies (VR, AI, Voice, etc) become ever more wide spread.
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Submission Deadline
Sunday, August 11, 2019
Topics & Format
We're looking to collect submissions for 30/45-minute presentations, as well as half-day workshops:

**30/45-minute presentations**
For our conference presentations, we’re looking for topics that focus on innovation and current challenges in user research. They should show thought leadership and provide food for thought, even for advanced practitioners. Don’t hesitate to be creative with your content.

**Half-day workshops**
For our workshops we're looking for content that will help researchers of all levels expand their research toolkit. Workshops will run 3.5 hours and have to include a significant amount of interactive activities that will help the attendees practice and apply what they're learning.
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