Pre-registration for GCC Tournaments in 2019
Preregistration for all GCC Tournaments in 2019. Please keep these preregistrations up-to-date, as you can change your responses at any time.
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Preregistration notes
Preregistration helps anticipate room requirements and facilitate a quicker start in Round 1, and will give pre-registered players some idea of the field of opponents. Pre-registration is not a firm commitment to play, but you should only pre-register for an event if you are more likely to play than not. You can return to this form at any time to update your preregistrations as your calendar changes.
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On making BYE requests
Write in your BYE requests below. No BYEs for one-night events. Also, please avoid withdrawing from blitz events after they start, as this creates difficulties with pairings. You may request one 1/2-pt BYE for multi-week events. For regular multi-week events, BYEs may be requested for any round by noon on Monday preceding the round. If you require more than one BYE, additional 0-pt BYEs may be requested beyond the first BYE. Please do this instead of being a no-show and forfeiting. Many of our players travel significant distances to play, so it is extremely rude to forfeit without notifying the TD as soon as possible:

For the Championship, one 1/2-pt BYE is available for Rounds 1-4 only and any BYE request must be made by noon on Monday, November 11 (before the start of Round 2).

As some months have multiple events, please be specific about the events and rounds you are requesting a BYE for below.

BYE requests
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