Non-Certified (Classified) Employee Volunteer Coaching Agreement 2020-2021
Please complete this form if you wish to serve as a volunteer coach for Marshall County Schools. Upon completion, you will receive a copy of the Terms and Agreement for your records.
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Third Sport/Activity and Position
I understand that I will be paid a nominal fee, based on the Board Approved Supplement Schedule, for my volunteer position, and that all identical volunteer positions at each school within the Marshall County School System shall receive identical supplements. For example, all High School Football coaches will receive identical supplements, regardless of the school for which they volunteer. The same is true for all other volunteer positions.

I understand that this supplement is intended to help with the costs associated with the position for which I have chosen to volunteer, and is not a substitute for compensation. Examples of such costs include, but are not limited to, traveling to and from events, putting on clinics, organizing off season activities, holding try-outs, and reviewing player performance.

I understand that regardless of how many activities on which I choose to spend the supplement, the amount of the supplement will not be affected. As such, I understand that the supplement is a flat amount not tied to the amount of time I spend volunteering or the success of the group or team I am volunteering to coach or lead.
The fee amount provided to you by the school principal and/or athletic director: *
Duties and Responsibilities
I understand that all such duties to be performed will be during the 2020-21 school year, which is more specifically defined as commencing on the31st day of July , 2020, and concluding on the 28th day of May, 2021.

I understand that I may be disallowed to volunteer for the Marshall County Board of Education at any time after I begin to volunteer and for any reason. I understand that this Volunteer Coach Terms & Agreement is not a contract for employment but merely a set of terms governing my volunteer relationship with the Marshall County Board of Education.

I understand that in order to serve as a volunteer for the Marshall County Board of Education that I must abide by the profession, moral, ethical, and legal requirements for a person who is an authority figure and supervisor of minor student(s).

I understand that I must pass all required AHSAA courses.

I understand that I must pass a background check, as is required of all volunteers who have unsupervised access to students.

I understand that by serving as a volunteer for a school within the Marshall County School System that I will be subject to the supervision of the principal of that school and the head coach of the sport for which I am volunteering.
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