Aurora Citizenship Application Form 亞羅拉公民登記表格
Aurora Immigration and Custom Agency 亞羅拉移民及海關事務局
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Welcome to Aurora!

After submitting the form, your application will be processed within 3 working days before you are promoted as Citizen.

You can play in all regions of Aurora after you have become a citizen, as well as joining our in-game/physical activities.

If you have any questions or opinions, feel free to raise it in our Discord server. The link is provided at the end of the form.
如有任何意見,歡迎到 Discord 給我們建議。連結位於表格的尾部。

Also, if you wish to become a staff member or understand more about us, please follow and like our Facebook page「Republic of Aurora」.
如有意成為工作人員,或想更深入了解本服,你亦可關注本服粉絲專頁「Republic of Aurora」。

Please make sure before you apply, you shall own a official Java Minecraft account, and entered Aurora once.
在開始申請之前,請先確保閣下已擁有正版 Java Minecraft 帳號,並曾進入亞羅拉。

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