MALSP September Meeting: 2020 eDiscovery Share Forum Survey
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Years of experience in eDiscovery: *
The biggest change in eDiscovery over the next 2 years will be:
The biggest challenge for your sector (i.e. Corporate, Law Firm, Service Provider, etc.) related to the current remote work situation is:
What remote work changes from the pandemic will remain after we are able to return to offices?
As of today, corporations are the most interested in:
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The biggest challenge for my team today is:
The biggest challenge for my team next year will be:
Today, the eDiscovery field focuses more on:
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What are the main drivers to your answer on the balance of Technology, Process, and People?
Thank you for your time and input! Be sure to attend our Sept 17, 2020 online meeting to hear the results and compare to 2019's results!
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