Black Tech Ecosystem Builders & Allies Intake Form
We are Growing a National Black Tech Ecosystem through research, #blacktechpolicy, and data-driven intervention.

Reminiscent of the founding of the NAACP and the National Urban League, the long-term work is to establish a Black Tech Ecosystem Association that will guide the building of local black tech ecosystems in cities across the US. The Association will be composed of black tech ecosystem builders, black public interest technologists, black tech activists, HBCU scientists, black STEM and Computer Science practitioners, government techies, and black church futurists.

Please tell us about your work and we will be in touch as we grow this movement. By filling out this form you opt into receiving emailed outreach.
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Scanning the many organizations you are either a member of or work for, which organization will support your work to build equitable tech ecosystems for black people in this country?
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