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Regulatory framework analysis, update and implementation
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1. General information
One of the aims of EU Horizon 2020 “OLEUM” project (Grant agreement number 635690) is to check for weak aspects of the in force regulations and analytical methods and to look for information about emerging frauds.

In order to reach this goal, we need to collect information and opinions, so we need your co-operation in answering to some questions, in order to make us able to drive the following activities in the most productive way.

The questionnaire will take only about 5 minutes of your time. Your participation is very valuable and we appreciate you taking the time to complete it. The results will be available and elaborated in a completely anonymous way.

NB: You are not required to reply to all the questions only those that are directly related to your job.

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This questionnaire has been developed in the context of the project OLEUM “Advanced solutions for assuring authenticity and quality of olive oil at global scale“ funded by the European Commission within the Horizon 2020 Programme (2014–2020, grant agreement no. 635690).

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