SMA Southern Summer Survey - 2020
The Southern Movement Assembly (SMA) is planning for our annual assembly scheduled for November 6th and 7th, a few days after the national elections. We know that no matter what happens on Election Day, there will be work that needs to be done. Our work is collective, and we will need to continue to resist and build, no matter who is in the White House, until everybody is free.

That is why at SMA 9, the ninth Southern Movement Assembly since 2012, we will come together as Southern frontlines to develop our strategic action plan for the People's First 100 Days of 2021. To get ready, we are holding three People's Movement Assemblies for each of the Southern People's Initiative elements: Protect & Defend (July 29), New Social Economy (August 26), and People's Democracy (September 30).

As part of the People's Movement Assembly process, we created this survey to collect critical information from SMA members and frontline leaders across the South. For questions about this survey and the assemblies, contact
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1. Which of the following issues reflect your organizing/advocacy work? (top 2) *
2. Describe the issues you are working on. How has your community been affected by the pandemic and racial justice uprisings? *
3. What has changed/worsened in the last six months? *
4. Describe at least one threat to your community that you are concerned about over the next six months.
5. Describe at least one opportunity that you predict will open up in the next six months with the potential to lead to major change. *
6. List up to three priority solutions needed to address the issues facing your community. *
7. Which of the following strategies are you/your community/organization most likely to engage in? (Select up to 3) *
8. Below are a list of action ideas that came out of the SMA Organizing Intensive & Southern Spring. Which of the following would you be most excited about participating in? (Select up to 3) *
9. What does your organization/community need to do more effective organizing? (Top 2) *
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