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Our packages:

For The Very Very Important Person
—> The Hot Desk

What you’ll get:
an option to sit anywhere you want because you’ve got too much work to do and too little time (especially not enough to choose where to sit)
Charges (Monthly)
Rs: 8,000/-

For The Lone Wolf
—> A Dedicated Workspace

What you’ll get:
a dedicated desk which will be your personal desk
an option to choose which spot to call your own (on the basis of first come, first serve)
your very own charging outlet to plug in your device
This one’s for the person who:
likes having order and routine in their daily life
appreciates a designated spot
is the one with headphones in and ‘do not disturb’ mode on
Charges (Monthly)
Rs: 10,000/-

For The Cult Members
—> Private Office Space

What you’ll get:
a separate dedicated workstation for a team up to 5 members
enough charging outlets to plug in the many, many, devices that get the work done
This one is for the people who:
move in packs and are always scribbling on white boards trying to crack the code to world peace (we have hope in you!)
are way too excited about what the company is doing and we are fully here to support you
Charges (Monthly)
Rs: 60,000/-

For The Nomad
—> Day Pass

What you’ll get:
an option to try out all the different versions of workstations available
unlimited supply of tea/coffee because we know you need to power through the day
This one is for the person who:
is passing through the city and just needs to sit down and gather their wits for a couple of hours
needs to have a meeting or get on a quick call with that international client that never understands time zone etiquette
Charges (Per Day)
Rs: 1000/-
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