NGSD Health Survey
NOTE: If you own more than one Singer, please fill out a separate survey for each. All survey respondents will receive a copy of the survey results and a "Thank You" gift.
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Your name & email (optional) and the State you reside in
Total number of Singers in home
Year of birth or approximate age
If Singer is deceased, at what age? Cause of death if known? Was an autopsy done?
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Is/ was this singer ever bred?
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If bred, at what age(s)? What was the size and health of the litter(s)?
If you have an intact female,  what month does she normally go into heat?
If you have an intact female, does she ever have a 2nd heat?
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What do you feed your singer?
Do you provide your singer any dietary supplements such as vitamins, probiotics, fish oil, etc.?
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If you provide supplements, what kinds?
Please check any of the medical issues this singer has (or had in the past)
Please provide more information about any items that you checked, such as what age it was diagnosed, what type of infections, specific problems, what allergies, and if your Singer has had *pancreatitis: how many times? Also, if there is some health issue that your Singer had that was not on the above list, please discuss that.
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Does your singer take any medications regularly? If yes, what are they? Any side effects from medicine?
Has your singer ever had problems with anesthesia during or after surgery/ teeth cleaning?
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Please check any vaccines that your Singer has had.
At what age were first vaccines given?
At what age was first rabies given?
How often does your Singer get routine vaccinations?
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If your Singer has had any reactions to vaccinations, please describe.
How often does your Singer receive a rabies vaccine?
Is your Singer on a flea and tick preventative? If yes, what type?
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If yes, what type? Collar, drops, pill, etc.?
Is your Singer on heartworm prevention?
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Has your Singer had any blood tests in the past?
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Would you be willing to obtain copies of lab results (if possible) to send to the NGSDCS? Lab tests help us greatly in gaining better information about Singer health.
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If you would be willing to share lab results with us, please write your email below.
Are you willing for this researcher to clarify any information about your Singer's health? This will be kept confidential.
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If yes, please write your email below.
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Thank you for filling out this survey. Your responses will greatly help in furthering our knowledge about health issues in NGSDs and also help us to better educate Singer owners about their Singer's wellbeing.
Gratefully, Susan Hendler, RN, MSES, NGSDCS BOD, Director of Science & Research
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