Franklin County Dog Shelter Foster Survey
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How did you hear about fostering for Franklin County Dog Shelter? *
Names and relationships of all others in the household (include ages of children) *
Is everyone in the home in agreement to foster?
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Does anyone in the home have allergies to animals?
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Type of Housing *
If you rent, have you discussed fostering a dog with your landlord?
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Describe the dog's play area or exercise area *
Do you have a fenced yard? (Note; this is NOT a requirement to foster) *
Please list ANY current pets (including other dogs, cats, pocket pets, etc). Include pet name, species, breed, sex, if spayed/neutered, age, and how long you have owned pet
Are your current pet(s) up to date on vaccines? (Please note that if your current pet(s) are NOT up to date on vaccines, this may limit the candidates you will be eligible to foster)
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If your current pet(s) are NOT up to date on vaccines, would you like assistance on getting them vaccinated prior to fostering a dog for Franklin County Dog Shelter?
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Your current vet's name and phone number (By providing this information, I agree that an FCDS representative may contact my veterinarian, and I consent to my veterinarian's release of veterinary information concerning my resident animals to FCDS)
If you do not currently have pets in the home, do you have friends or family who frequently visit with their pets? *
Please let us know what type of animal you are interested in fostering *
Very interested
Might be interested
Not interested
Healthy/Adoptable "Adoption Ambassador"
Adult dogs under 25lbs
Adult dogs 25-50lbs
Adult dogs over 50lbs
Short Term/Sleepovers
Medical Wellness
1-2 puppies
Moms with puppies
Bottlefed puppies
Heartworm positive dog
Orthopedic recovery
Overweight/weight loss
Skin infections/demodex/ringworm/sarcoptic mange
Behavior Wellness
Behavioral Modfication
Basic manners
Advanced Behavior
Have you ever fostered an animal before? *
How long are you willing to keep a foster dog? *
On average, how long will be the dog be alone during the day? *
Where will the dog be kept during the day? *
Where will the dog be kept at night? *
Do you plan to crate train the foster dog? *
Do you have experience with behavior modification and/or basic training? *
Please write a brief description of behavior modification/training experience if you have indicated "yes" or "maybe" in the answer above
Please provide a brief statement as to what your ideal foster would be and why you would like to foster for the Franklin County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center *
Do you have any concerns or questions about fostering at this time that you would like to be addressed? (If none, please put N/A) *
If you are applying to foster a specific dog, please indicate the dog's name, animal ID # (if you know it), and why you would like to foster this dog:
Are you a current active Franklin County Dog Shelter Volunteer? *
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: I am at least 18 years of age. I will carefully review all of Franklin County Dog Shelter's (FCDS) communications and dog foster resources, including the Dog Foster Handbook, and abide by the rules and responsibilities set forth therein. I understand and acknowledge that FCDS Foster Program’s mission is as follows:  The Foster Program is created to provide quality welfare to otherwise adoptable dogs which will benefit from care outside of the shelter environment and in a home setting. Our objective is responsibly increasing the shelter’s live release rate, promoting community involvement, and providing the most appropriate progressive standard of care to those dogs needing additional resources. *
Please review our current foster agreement form, which will be gone over with you in person as well, prior to committing to fostering. *
Thank you for completing this survey. Upon completion of this survey, you should receive an email from our Foster Coordinator within the next 48-72 hours regarding the next steps. Please note that we may or may not have a dog for you to foster right away, patience and understanding will be appreciated, however we will certainly be in touch when we do! *
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