South Africa Global Education Program - Academic Learning Experience 2020 STUDENT APPLICATION
This application is open to all current 6th -11th grade students. Please understand that by participating in this course you are choosing to travel to South Africa in the summer of 2020, most likely in June. This is an academic global experience so you will have the option to earn 0.5 HS credits in each area of science, photography and art. Students have the option of taking credit only those areas of interest if they wish. For example, you can take photography for credit but choose not to in science or the fine arts. Students may also participate in the trip without earning credit in any of the three subject areas. They still need to agree to participate in all the activities we do on the trip.

The teachers in this course are Greta Manning, Leslie Shea and Sandy Reed.

Please know that we are limited to 15 students and we need a full group signed up to keep the costs at the current estimates. Less students results in higher costs. However, due to the incredible uniqueness of this trip, we can not go over 15 student participants.

Once you fill out this application, you have officially signed up for the course. However, if your deposit is not received by the deadline (two weeks after registration - details in a follow up email) your spot will be given to the next student on the waiting list.

Questions? Contact Sandy Reed at . Also check out the school district website for more information

Hope to see you in the bush!

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