Description: The Student Wellness Programming Fund is an auxiliary source of funding that can be used toward any health-oriented program or event. This fund should only be used after your group has applied to other sources of funding. The SWC Programming Fund is used for programs that promote student health and wellness, empower students to maintain a healthier lifestyle, foster a sustainable environment, and/or build a healthier community. The maximum amount a student group can apply for each time is $500. Student Health Network (SHN) members are eligible for a maximum allocation of $750.

•Eligibility: Must be a registered undergraduate student group/organization registered with the Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement (SOLE).
•The event must focus on the improvement of wellness, physical health, and/or mental health through programming of UCLA students (including or not limited to health-related philanthropy, campus safety, academic success, workshops, etc.)
•Your event must take place on the UCLA campus and address the needs of UCLA undergraduate students.
•All proposals must be accompanied by all inclusive estimates/quotes/documentation of what the fund will be used toward.
•All allocations must be used towards only the items approved.
•There is NO retroactive funding, i.e. you must submit your application a minimum of two Mondays prior to your program/event for your application to be reviewed. This fund cannot be used for programs that have already taken place. Applications are voted on by Executive Board members during SWC Leadership meetings on Tuesdays from 5-6pm and passed through majority vote.
•Should your group receive funding from the SWC Programming Fund, you must publicize the Student Wellness Commission while promoting your event (e.g. must include the SWC logo on all your fliers, posters, etc., in addition to verbally publicizing SWC at your event.)
•All allocations will be made without regards to viewpoint and shall be based solely upon viewpoint-neutral criteria.
•Items you cannot purchase with this fund: Food*; Trophies; Charms; Cameras; Flowers & plants*; Candles; Decorations; T-Shirts; Picture Frames; Personal Gifts; Compact Discs (including DVDs); IM Sports Fees; Plaques and Engraving; Parking Citations; Personal reimbursements of Honorarium payments made to (an) individual(s).
*Above marked items can be purchased if necessary for program facilitation e.g. program is about nutrition, and food is necessary for implementation
•Students organizations may apply to the fund multiple times, so long as each application is for a different event.

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