Chess Play Date (EVCS Community) K-5 students. The Roost, 222 Avenue B 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Sunday, December 16th

Enjoy the afternoon and let your kids learn chess.

Boards and pieces are provided.  For more info, please contact Yuri at or text 646 258 9217.  No registration necessary.

We will warm up with a few chess puzzles (review/new), endgame strategy and play a few games.

For at home practice PLAY games or visit or Both web sites contain free learning material and opportunity to play (and in latter case, analyse) games.

Chess In Science: Alphazero is the strongest chess engine and more games became available December 6th on Zip files contain curated games of the match and are fun to watch.

Something to learn from the world championship:

For tournaments in NYC, please visit

Is white going to win if they move first? Can black equalize if it is their turn to move in the diagram?
Can black win if it is their move?
Black queen is pinned and may be captured on the next move. Can black make a draw? How?
Can white win if it is their move and they make the best ones? Can black tie if it is theirs and white makes the best moves?
How should the game end if each side plays the best moves?
How would the game end if world champions played and black were to move?
If white moves its pawn f2-f4, black king will not be able to stop it (please verify it). Black pawn has only two squares until promotion but can be captured by white king. Can black make a draw if it is their move? How? What if after the first move of black, white king does capture black pawn?
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