eLOQ Development Survey
Here at eLOQ we’re always trying to develop innovative solutions for locking and access control that exploit the very best of modern technology.

Currently our Research & Development department are in the final stages of the state-of-the-art Mobile Key, which has advance features including mobile internet access (providing real-time updates to your eLOQ software) and comprehensive GPS tracking (opening up the possibility for geo-fencing zones that will allow the key and lock to only work in predefined locations – perfect for the logistics sector).

With the potential to have many different features and functionalities included within the eLOQ Mobile Key, we’ve devised this survey to find out which of the possibilities will benefit our end users the most.

The survey itself should only take a few minutes to complete and your responses will be greatly appreciated.

To find out more about eLOQ and the eLOQ product range, head over to www.eloqsecurity.com

(Information here is not representative of the final product)
How well do you know eLOQ and its products? *
Very Poor
Very Well
What is your initial reaction to eLOQ Mobile Key? *
Not Interested
Very Interested
What features would interest you in the eLOQ Mobile Key? *
Not Interested
Slightly Interested
Very Interested
GPS Live tracking
GPS Route History
Send Jobs/Notes/Messages to the user with the eLOQ Mobile Key from the cloud software
Connect to Wifi
Lock Screen Function
Ability for key-users to turn functions on and off
Disable the key remotely from the cloud software
Wipe the device of all data from the mobile key device
Wipe the device of all data remotely from the cloud
If the sim card is changed lock the device
Take pictures from the device and upload them to the cloud software
Geo-fencing (Lock will only open in that location area) - useful in logistics
The eLOQ Mobile Key will have 3 operational modes that you can select when a user is registered. Which mode would your organisation use the most? *
Would you require the GPS & Internet features to be active at all times (note: this will lower the battery life and require regular charging) or only when the user is accessing a lock? *
This limitation is only applicable to the Geo-fenced and hybrid mode above
If you do not require the Geo-fencing feature would you rather use the eLOQ Mobile key or the eLOQ Mobile App? *
The eLOQ Mobile App has a slimed down functionality of the Mobile Key, however it requires you to program the normal key from an Android phone and, in the future, a Bluetooth enabled key for iPhones (currently in development)
Would you prefer eLOQ to provide a SIM network package for Internet Access or source your own network provider? *
The eLOQ Mobile Key uses mobile phone SIM cards to provide Internet access. If provided by eLOQ, this would be at an additional cost.
If there is anything else you would like to mention or comment on please leave feedback in the box below.
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