January Bootcamp Prep
You made it through your first semester of your residency year! In the spring, you have two structured opportunities to lead sustained instruction in your classroom. In preparation for this and to ensure that you are supported in this work, we spend a full day engaging in conference-style professional learning and working group sessions to support you prepare your longer term plans and/or unit plans. These sessions are mandatory.

And, to make sure that they are aligned to your needs, please complete and submit the following form, giving us the information so that we can group you according to subject, content and areas of faculty expertise.

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What grade level are you planning on teaching in your two week teach? *
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What curriculum will you be using (if any) to guide your 2 week teach? *
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What standards will you be using and aligning to for your two week teach? *
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What student data will you be using to inform your two week teach planning? (such as I-ready data, Student reading scores, Last math assessment, Teacher tiered groupings). Please bring this data with you to the session. *
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