Submission Form for ICC's Dialogue Session on 11th of March 2018 "What are the practical action-plans you suggest to help increase the participation of the Iranian-Canadian Women in the Socio-Politics of our community and Canada? "
* Forms will be reviewed ONLY by the moderator for the purpose of increasing the diversity of the session and collecting the answers for advertising the event. You could fill the form in Farsi or English.

* Since this is a women participation panel, there is a 50% quota which should be considered for the speakers.

* Speakers who are attending these series of dialogues for first times are in priority even if they submit later. However if the number of participation is the same, Selection Criteria is only First Come First Serve and the 50% quota for this event.

1- What is your name? *
2- (Optional) Please provide a short relevant biography for introducing you before the session (maximum one paragraph)
3- Please write a 200 words summary of your speech or in other words the perspective that your speech will focus on, with respect to the topic of the session. *
4- Will your speech be completely loyal to the topic of the session? *
5- (Optional) Please add a desired photo of yourself for the purpose of promoting the event.
6- Details of your most accessible contact info (phone or email) *
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