Welcome! Transformational Writing Workshop on 1-1-20 Questionnaire
WELCOME! I'm so excited you have chosen to join us in this three hour workshop on 1-11-20. this form will help me address your needs and give me some information about you and your writing.
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If you knew you could not fail and it would make you millions of dollars what kind of book would you write, or what kind of writing would you do? *
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On a scale of 1-10 how committed are you to showing up for the workshop? (as opposed to watching the replay) *
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If you're not a 10 commitment level, what is keeping you from being a 10? Because I want you to attend personally. You will learn more if you attend the live event.
Writing your dream book and breaking through resistance can be challenging. Does this excite you or scare you and why? *
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Thank you for filling out this questionnaire! I'll be sending you reminders and you will also receive all the details and the zoom link on January 10th the day before the workshop.
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