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Creating a listing means you have listed your space as a Nook friendly space and it gets shared among our customers that Nook can be hosted in these spaces at the business’ owners/property owners favourable time slots which they have shared with the Nook team. We won't share the details in case its a private Nook. In private Nooks the details gets shared 48 hrs prior to the Nook only to those who are interested in attending the Nook. There might be house rules which we all need to follow in private Nooks.
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Please specify the number of kids you would like to attend the Nook.
Please specify if you have any particular requirement (like if you want us to get a nursing chair, wifi, laptop charger,etc to name a few)
Name of the property.(In case of private Nook we wont share the details unless we have enough interested parents or without asking the host) *
Why are you interested in hosting a Nook?
Tell us a bit about yourself and your space so that it canbe shared among our customers.
Is bathroom there?
Is there a changing facility for babies?
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Please share a few dates when you are interested in hosting a Nook.
Favorable time slots where you can host a Nook?
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