Brands/Agencies: get your paid sponsorship opportunities in front of 35K+ creators!
Our mission at Creator Wizard is to help creators big & small land 1,000,000 sponsorships by 2032.

One way we're gonna make that happen is by featuring your brand's paid sponsorship opportunities/campaigns in our weekly newsletter (for free)! 

Here's how it works: 
  1. You create a 1-2 sentence overview of the opportunity, the types of creators you're looking to partner with, the deliverables, terms, & budget (or "negotiable" if TBD)
  2. You create an application (like Google Forms, Typeform, etc.) and send us the link where creators can submit their interest (and you can vet for fit).  
  3. Add the above info to this form, click submit, and that's it!  If everything looks good, we'll feature your campaign in an upcoming "Take Action Thursday" newsletter blast + you can work directly with any creators who reach out through your form.
There is no cost or fee to submit opportunities/be featured and you can submit an unlimited amount of campaigns (the more, the merrier)!

Thanks for your interest!

Note: at this time, we're not accepting affiliate-only campaigns + the opportunity must offer at least $250 USD in flat compensation to be featured.
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