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[CLASS SIZE HAS REACHED CAPACITY. TO BE ADDED TO THE WAITLIST, PLEASE EMAIL RESTORATIONSCHOLE@GMAIL.COM AND INDICATE STUDENT GRADES AND AGES.] In the upcoming 2021-2022 school year, our upper primary students (4th-6th grades) will explore modern world literature together, reading stories which draw us closer to Jesus, lift us out of our North American experience, and make us better neighbors to those around us. We invite you to view our syllabus here: Current families are given re-enrollment priority for the 2021-2022 school year. To ensure a well-rounded, interactive experience for all students, class size will be capped, so completion of this form does not guarantee placement into Restoration Scholé. If you have any questions, please reach out to Bethany or Gina at, and indicate student grades and ages.
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Our member families span a wide geographic range. Where are you located? *
Do you consider yourself a classical homeschooler? *
Have you read through the Restoration Scholé "About Us" document, located here:, including the Statement of Faith, Christ-centered vision, and focus on diversity? *
Will you be able to obtain the required books before class begins in September? [BOOK LIST: 1) Finding Langston by Lesa Cline-Ransom, 2) Breaking Stalin’s Nose by Eugene Yelchin, 3) Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park, 4) God’s Smuggler: Young Readers Edition by Brother Andrew, abridged and published by Chosen Books, 5) Bronze and Sunflower by Cao Wenxuan, translated from Chinese by Helen Wang, and 6) ESV Illuminated Scripture Journal: Proverbs by Crossway Publishing] *
Is your / your child's schedule available on 10 AM Central Time on Fridays for our weekly Zoom meetings? Please note the change of time since last year. *
All Scholé Groups have a similar educational framework in common, and members agree to share in this vision and carry out this structure in their own individual homeschools. Do you currently follow, or plan to follow, a classical curriculum path roughly similar to the one outlined here? (Click on and scroll down to read the answer to "What course of study is required for Scholé Groups?") *
Do you understand we are not a physical school or an umbrella school, and do not provide a legal covering? *
Do you understand we are not a virtual drop-off teaching program? *
Do you agree to help your child/ren participate in a flipped classroom model, in which the student/s interact with the bulk of the lesson material first at home in the family setting, then come to the weekly community meeting on Zoom, ready to discuss what has been learned? *
To cover operational costs, our group needs to collect $198 each year. This fee will be divided equally among enrolled non-director families. We estimate the per-family cost will between $39.60 and $49.50, payable in early August 2021. Are you willing to pay approximately $39.60 to $49.50 for an entire year of Restoration Scholé? The directors do not profit financially from this fee. [For more info, see the FEES & COSTS section of the syllabus:] *
Do you currently use curriculum from any of the following classical education providers? Please check all that apply. *
If you answered "Additional publishers..." above, please list a sampling of curriculum companies you generally use. There is no wrong answer.
Optional Geography Add-On
Will your child be joining us for the optional African Geography class? There is no extra fee for the optional geography add-on. It will be conducted in Google Classroom, with no Zoom component. (There MAY be an optional Flipgrid component; this is currently TBD.)
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If yes, have you read through the separate geography syllabus, located here:
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If yes, will you be able to obtain the required geography books listed in the syllabus, before class begins in September? [For more info, see the Required Books section of the separate geography syllabus, located here:]
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I understand completing this form does not guarantee placement in Restoration Scholé, and someone from Restoration Scholé will contact me via email regarding the status of this application. *
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