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The AQUATIC CLUB promotes competitive swimming within the Erskine-Skyline-Cupsaw lakes area. We are not a “learn to swim” program, rather we encourage development of racing skills. Swimming is fun, exciting and rewarding with ribbons, medals and trophies, and encourages good sportsmanship. The swimmers do their part in competition, but the mechanics of a swimming team are also dependent on the parents. Adults set the example for sportsmanship, dependability, enthusiasm and hard work. As your child registers to swim you will find a variety of parent electives. Please indicate your participation interests.
Once you submit your registration form, you will receive an email confirmation with your responses. Please print this email and return to Gina Magee at 78 Valley Road, Ringwood, NJ 07456 with your payment as soon as possible. Your registration will be complete upon receipt of this payment.
Thank you, see you at the lanes!
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Lake Association Membership
*All ELAC members must be Members in Good Standing with one of the 3 Ringwood Lake associations. This information will be verified with their Membership committees.
Family Commitment
ELAC is a competitive team RUN BY VOLUNTEERS. Our coaching staff is compensated, the rest is done by YOU, the parents are what makes this team work. We must staff the deck, provide hospitality services, maintain the teams records and web page, basically perform every job needed to make a team/meet run. With this in mind, we are stream-lining the Family obligation for 2017. In addition to Family Volunteer obligation, each family is required to pay the following fees. You will not be asked to pay anything additionally through the season toward team operations. These are a ONE TIME PER FAMILY PER SEASON Charge.

$25 - Hospitality fee
$10 - Meet Fee(meet entry fee)*
$25 - Dock Maintenance fee (if you sell $25 or more in ads for the Erskine Invitational program, this will be refunded to you at the end of the season)

Total Per Family Fees ($60)

* Families with swimmers ONLY in the Developmental program and none on the competative team do not pay the meet fee. Total family fees would be $50.

Meet Operations
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