Large-scale collaborations in science
Large-scale collaborations in science | June 10, 15.00 - 16:30
featuring Christina Bergmann (Baby & Child Research Center, Max Planck Institute), Martine Hoogman (Genetics, RadboudUMC), Angelique Janssens (Institute for Culture and History, Radboud University), tbd

The image of the lonely, brilliant researcher who comes up with theories all by him (or her) self, has long been outdated. But still science is often a competitive environment. As both the data we collect and the questions that we ask are getting more and more complex, it becomes increasingly important for scientists to collaborate instead of to compete. In this session we have invited researchers from a range of different fields to tell you about their experiences with large-scale international collaboration. From research with babies over genetics in psychiatry to historical data on health and diseases in European port cities. In this session you’ll hear all about the benefits and pitfalls of teaming up with your peers across the globe.
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