Wenonah Board of Education August 8th Special Board Meeting Questions
As many of you are aware, there is a special board meeting scheduled for Thursday, August 8th at 7pm at the Wenonah School Library. We are asking that you type the concerns and/or questions you still have after our two previous community meetings held on April 30th and May 29th. We are cognizant that some of you are new to the school/town, or have been just recently approached by concerned Wenonah residents. Typing your questions in the form below will ensure everyone’s concerns are answered as thoroughly as possible by the experts that the board is working with.

The school board and administration would like parents to be informed that this meeting is only to pass the resolution to apply for emergency aid. The board will not be answering any questions at this meeting. But please know all questions raised and given to the board on or before the 8th will be addressed at the August 27th meeting. There will also be time at the end of the meeting for public comment on the 27th.

As stated in the June 26th letter, also available on the school website, the board made a decision to reopen the APR based off of the NJDOH and EPA guidelines, Dr. Favata, an environmental and occupational health doctor, a certified industrial hygienist, and under the direction of the county superintendent who said to follow the NJDOH guidelines, as that is what other schools are also doing. Therefore, it would be unfair to the parents of Wenonah School for the board to answer questions on the 8th and to not confer with experts in this field to ensure all information is completely accurate.

Knowing the structure of the August 8th special meeting and submitting your questions through this form will hopefully alleviate any frustration or misperception of expectations at the August 8th special board meeting. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Kristine Height at kheight@wenonahschool.org.

Directions: Please fill out the anonymous form below regarding the opening of the APR at the start of school. Please feel free to submit multiple forms if you have more than three questions. If you are unable to attend the August 8th special board meeting and still would like to submit a question with a direct response back to you, you may optionally leave your contact information.

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