MN Resilient Cities Coalition - interest survey
City Leaders and Resource Partners - Based on our conversation with leaders from 12 cities on Jan 18 at the McKnight Foundation, we are exploring the possibility of creating a Resilient Cities Coalition. THANKS for taking a few minutes to share your insights, topics of interest and suggestions for next steps! Together our cities can help one another succeed in meeting community-wide energy and resilience goals.
As we consider forming a MN Resilient Cities Coalition, which of these roles would be helpful for your city's work on energy/resilience?
Would your city like to participate in a Resilient Cities Coalition? (staff, elected leaders and others can each choose the activities they would participate in)
How might deeper cooperation between cities on energy & resilience help advance your city's goals, projects and work?
Currently not needed for our city
We might use this resource
Yes we would use this resource
Sharing sample ordinances, regulatory tools, utility franchise agreements, etc.
Sharing new funding strategies for staffing or projects
Joint procurement of goods or services
Cities combining their influence to impact state energy policies relevant to cities (i.e. sign on letters, timely updates, energy expertise)
State policy updates (opt in) on relevant energy and resilience legislation or PUC dockets
Sharing of best examples and support for comp planning and resilience/climate action planning & implementation
Learning about future trends or emerging topics relevant to cities - webinars, forums or study groups
Topic areas your city is seeking help with (or can offer help for):
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Name and Role
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