IMA Spring 2018 Elections
IMA will be saying farewell to their beloved, graduating officers this coming April. A variety of board positions will be available. If you are interested in running for a Fall 2018 position, please select one below.

After you fill the form, you will be contacted to confirm the spot you are running for and the details of the election process.

Deadline: 4/19/2018

If you have any questions, please contact

Details of each position

President- Overview and support all board positions within the club.

Treasurer-Create IMA's semester budget, reconcile IMA's financial spreadsheet with the Associated Students statement of IMA's account, and deposit membership funds to the IMA account.

VP of External Affairs-Contact firms and companies to come out to present to IMA's members.

VP of Operations-Send weekly emails pertaining to IMA events and update the website/Facebook accordingly

VP of Events-Create social events, coordinate with other clubs to collaborate, and overview IMA's committee.

VP of Membership-Collect membership forms, update and build membership spreadsheet, communicate membership information to professors giving extra credit, and answer any member inquiries.

Secretary-Take notes during meetings, post the meeting report to the board, and support other IMA officers.

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