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BYOT in McKinney ISD- Teacher Survey
In an effort to increase access to technology resources in McKinney ISD, the district has piloted a plan to allow students to utilize their own technology on the 3 MISD high school campuses utilizing a Guest Wireless network provided by the distirct. The goal of the BYOT pilot is to increase access to technology tools for all high school students in MISD. Please respond to the following survey to ensure an even better BYOT for the 2011-2012 school year.
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Students participating in BYOT in my classes primarily used:
Students used their own technology primarily for
Choose all that apply
I found the BYOT pilot to be beneficial to student learning in my classes.
The biggest negative issue of BYOT is:
The biggest positive for BYOT is:
McKinney ISD's BYOT program could be improved by:
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Please describe a lesson that BYOT positively impacted in your classroom.
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Please briefly describe a best practice classroom management strategy that you use in the BYOT classroom.
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Which of the following devices do you personally use in your daily teaching?
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Do you take advantage of the BYOT option by accessing the MISD Guest Network with your own personal technology device?
What do you see as the most significant benefit to students of the BYOT program and what recommendations do you have to build on this?
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What do you see as the most significant problem of the BYOT program and what recommendations do you have to address the issue?
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