Board and Advisor Member Application
Thank you for your willingness to help make a difference in the community.
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Are you currently in college? If so, what is your major? If you completed college, what was your major?
How would you like to serve?
What makes our mission meaningful to you?
What are some of your prior board leadership experiences? If this is your first board member term; we're happy to be your first opportunity.
Do you have any special skills, connections, resources, and expertise that you'd like us to know about that can be useful to the Gathering Outreach mission?
Do you have experience in building and leading committees?
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Do you have any worries or concerns about joining the board?
Do you have personal aspirations that could be enhanced by serving on our board?
What motivates you to make a difference in the community?
How much time a month can you commit to meetings and serving the mission?
Are you able to respond to emails and text messages and collaborate electronically with others during the week?
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Are you available to serve for at least two consecutive years?
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What are your expectations from Gathering Outreach, if selected as a board member?
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