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What are the main issues with the current space/residence?
What do you like about the existing dwelling? What works well and what would you like to retain?
What the main objectives for the renovation/build?
Is there a timeline for the project?
What is the budget for the project?
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How many occupants will there be?
Number of rooms
Living areas
Powder room
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How many living/dining areas do you require? Will they be open plan or separate rooms? Will they be relaxed or formal?
What is the most important space in the house? Where do you spend the most time?
Where do you spend the least time?
How important is privacy to you?
Not important
Very important
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How important is openness to you?
Not important
Very important
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Do you have or expect to have children?
Do you have any pets?
Do you require a bath?
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What about a butler's pantry?
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Are there any specific landscaping requirements? A pool, outdoor dining, vegetable garden?
Are there any significant trees or landscape features that need to be retained or accommodated?
Are you interested in home automation?
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Are you interested in ESD initiatives?
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Do you have any specific storage requirements? (Lots of books, bulky items such as suit cases, golf clubs etc, a butler's pantry, wine cellar)
Have you thought about your heating requirements?
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What about your air conditioning requirements?
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Would you like a fire?
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Are there any unusual furniture items or activities that need to be accommodated? A piano, pool table, yoga?
What are the car parking, outdoor storage and garage requirements?
Do you require a separate laundry or is a euro style laundry sufficient?
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The following antonyms pairs are intended to gauge your stylistic preferences and general vibe. There's no right or wrong answers. If you can't decide - pick both. Or, if you are indifferent - pick neither.
What are your most important rituals? What are those little moments or routines that make you love being at home? Reading a book by the fire, morning coffee, yoga in the sun, a glass of wine in the evening?
If you are entertaining, typically what would the scenario be? 20 people for a BBQ, intimate dinner parties, pre-gig drinks or Sunday brunch?
If you have thought about it, describe your lifestyle in 5 years, in 10 years and beyond. Will you be working from home? Travelling for extended periods? Raising children? Retiring?
How did you hear about Open Architecture?
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