All Athlete Online Training Questionnaire
This Training questionnaire will be completed in 4 sections:

Section 1. Physical Assessment

Section 2: Nutrition Assessment and Eating Habits

Section 3. Goals and Expectations

Section 4. Attitude and Mindset Assessment

Our goal is to help you learn, build, and create sustainable lifestyle habits with the proper execution.

We like to be thorough and provide you with the best results in your program. So thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this form! The more you put in, the more you can receive from us and your program.

Please answer all questions honestly and accurately to allow us to fully determine your individual needs.
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For questions 1- 9, Checkmark YES, NO, or UNSURE if you have experienced any of the following.
1. Pain or discomfort in the chest, neck, jaw, arms, or other areas that may be due to ischemia (decreased blood flow)? *
2. Shortness of breath at rest or w/mild exertion? *
3. Dizziness or syncope at rest or w/mild exertion? *
4. Symptoms of low blood pressure (weak, tired, dizzy, fainting, coma)? *
5. Edema (excessive accumulation of tissue fluid)? *
6. Palpitations or tachycardia (sudden rapid heartbeat)? *
7. Symptoms of high blood pressure (stressed, sedentary, bloated, weak, failing)? *
8. Known heart murmur (abnormal heart sound)? *
9. Unusual fatigue or shortness of breath with usual activities? *
10. Do you smoke? *
11. Do you drink occasionally? *
Have you been a member of a health club before? *
Have you exercised regularly for the past 6 months? *
Please rate your exercise level on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 indicating very active - 4x or more/week) *
Sedentary - very low activity level
Very high activity level
Are you currently involved in regular endurance (cardiovascular) exercse? *
If yes, please specify the types of exercise(s), minutes/day, and days/week *
If you're not involved in regular endurance exercise, simply put NO
What are the habits you would like to change? *
Please list all that apply
On a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being very serious) How serious are you about achieving your goals *
What workout equipment do you have available to you? This can be at home or at a gym. *
Equipment is not required, however we can customize your training program based on the equipment you have.
When are you MOST and LEAST motivated? *
Do you have any prior injures or accidents that may hinder you from training? *
Have you ever been diagnosed (currently or in the past) with any significant medical condition(s)? *
If Yes, please specify
Is there anything else we should be aware of?
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