IMI Intercultural Competence—Application for Organisations
IMI Inter-Cultural Certification is available to any experienced mediator who is qualified by an Inter-Cultural Qualifying Assessment Program (ICQAP) that has been approved by the IMI Independent Standards Commission (ISC). ISC will approve any ICQAP that meets the below criteria.

Please see the full criteria with guiding comments here:
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Application type
If your program is not currently approved by IMI, then select 'new' application; if you have made substantive changes to your program, then select 'alteration'; otherwise, if this form is being completed for auditing purposes, please indicate that.
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Existing QAP or CMTP *
Please indicate whether your organisation has an existing IMI Qualifying Assessment Program, Certified Mediator Training Program, or both.
Our organisation does or will provide successful Applicants with assistance in assembling a Feedback Digest for their IMI profile.
(Optional. See the IMI website for more information on the role of independent Reviewers.)
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In what year was your organisation formed, and under the laws of what country? *
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Include the address of your primary office, the organisation's phone number, email address, fax number, and website address if applicable.
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Include your name and title/position and telephone number.
Locations and Languages *
Indicate what locations or organisation branches this application covers. If there are multiple countries or cultures involved, or a large geographic area (e.g. 'Russia', 'China', 'India') please indicate how quality standards will be implemented and monitored across jurisdictions. Please also indicate languages used per branch or chapter if applicable, to aid future search functionality.
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