Custom Home Project Brief
Thank you for taking the time to fill this out. I prefer to have all your info in one spot here, rather than spread out in various emails in my Inbox. Efficient systems like these help me serve my clients better :).

Please provide a snapshot summary, highlighting the most salient aspects about you and your project. It's going to be thorough, but also succinct. Remember, it is called a 'BRIEF' :).

At this point, it does not have to be 100% accurate or complete or exhaustive. It is a starting point and a communication tool. You will use this to make your implicit assumptions explicit. The idea is to keep adding and subtracting from it as you learn more information. Right now, you are working on Version 1.

The ultimate goal is to flush out all your assumptions and establish a solid realistic brief (with more detail) that becomes the foundation for a successful project.

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Let's begin...
These are the 5 main categories of information for a custom residential project.
1. Type of Project *
2. About Us *
Include information about yourself, such as your profession, number of kids, pets, etc.
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3. Our main objectives *
Help me understand why you are doing this project at this time and what your goals are.
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4. About our project
This section is the meat of the project brief. Outline the nuts and bolts (facts and details) that I need to know to help you. There are 5 key aspects here.
4.1 About the site *
Address, Area of lot, Utilities present? What in your mind are the opportunities, challenges, restrictions on your lot? Do you have a Site Survey?
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4.1.1 About the existing house (for remodel)
Area, Year Built, What do you like and dislike? Do you have house plans?
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4.2 Scope of New Home/ Remodel/ Addition *
Provide an outline of what you envision and want to build - big picture. How much area do you want - Overall area, Indoor spaces, Outdoor spaces? Add a Pool / Spa / Landscaping?
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4.3 Quality *
What are your expectations of quality? i.e. Do you expect perfection ;)? Do you want showroom quality appliances and light/ plumbing fixtures? What style do you like? Do you want to do any energy efficiency upgrades?
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4.4 Construction Budget *
Provide a $ range that you expect to (or want to) spend on this project. What is this based on?
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4.5 Timeline / Schedule *
Key target dates and ideal timeline for the project. When do you want to 1. Start design, 2. Start construction, 3. Move-in.
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5. Notes *
What are you excited about? What are your fears? Where are you stuck right now? What are your most burning questions?
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Thank You
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This information will help me prepare for our Clarity Call.

Be sure that you block out at least 30 minutes. If we have a lot to discuss, our phone meeting might prolong to an hour. Also, be sure that you and your spouse attend the call.

Avoid the #1 mistake people make when planning a new custom residential project – wasting precious time planning a dream house based on assumptions and misinformation.

Put your project on the right track by getting the right advice upfront.

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