Celebrating Small Acts
While visionary leaders are critical to the work of advancing social change, it is the doers who bridge the gaps between idea and execution. These individuals nudge the vision forward every day. Yet they may not be the first to receive recognition for the small acts they take that spark big change. Let's take time to celebrate these small acts and those who take them.

Think of one small act that advanced change and inspired you. Celebrate the changemaker who took that act by doing the following:

Write a celebratory message to that changemaker by filling out the form below. They'll receive your message by email within the next month. By filling out this form, you are also nominating this changemaker for public recognition. We will select a small number of changemakers to be profiled on our Dream Forward blog, with their permission.

You can submit more than one form, so please celebrate as many changemakers as you want.

Our goal is to lift up a different type of changemaker, one who is boldly persistent in nudging change forward, one who we've come to deeply value in our 20 years of working with such individuals. Read more about why we are celebrating these changemakers on our blog: http://communitywealth.com/celebrating-20-years-the-power-of-small-acts-in-advancing-change/

Any information you provide will not be used for purposes not stated here without express permission. Please reach out to us with any questions: connect@communitywealth.com.

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