Meal Boxes Available for 100% Virtual Students or Younger Siblings (Not Currently “In Person”)
Food Service frozen 5 Day Meal Boxes for Children 18 & Under not currently attending school “In Person”
(All enrolled Virtual Learners, all Younger Unenrolled Siblings, Homeschoolers, etc. – Any child 18 & under that is not currently attending school “In Person” qualifies for the pickup of the meal boxes by signing up on this form -- Form must be submitted to receive a box)

Pickups of meal boxes are "MONDAYS ONLY" at all 5 schools from 10-11 am.
Number of 18 & under Participants: *
Names of 18 & under Participants: *
School Where Guardian will be picking up Meal Boxes: (Does NOT have to be school attended - Can be most convenient for pickup) *
Guardian’s Name: *
Phone: *
Address: *
Allergy Concerns:
Pickup curbside at any of our 5 schools "MONDAYS ONLY" from 10-11 am. Available by sign up only!!!!

Special Note: Supply of 5 Day Meal Boxes dependent on distributor availability. Subject to change without notice due to COVID-19
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