pictar.io Streamer Team
Become an official streamer on the pictar.io team, with benefits like promotions on our Discord, website, and customs items in the shop!
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Typical Expectations of you
šŸ–Œļø Engage and promote the Pictar.io community on and off stream

šŸ–Œļø Make Pictar.io a familiar game to your community

šŸ–Œļø Stream at least 1 hour of Pictar.io a week on your own channel, and you will be hosted by the playpictario channel

šŸ–Œļø Be yourself. We want you to feel comfortable being a part of our team. We're super chill
Typical Expectations from us

šŸ–Œļø Your channel will be promoted on our platforms

šŸ–Œļø Get an exclusive item in our shop made to your request

šŸ–Œļø Get to network with our current Pictar.io team and staff directly

šŸ–Œļø Suggest what you may want from us! We're open minded

šŸ–Œļø Many more exclusive perks as we build and grow
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