MATH 232 SURVEY - Spring 2017
The purpose of this anonymous survey is to measure the impact of various classroom teaching and learning techniques used in Math 232 this semester. At the end of this survey you will be directed to a page where you can enter your name for 5 extra credit points.
Please indicate how often each of the following applied to you in this class. *
More often than not
I read the textbook before class
I felt prepared for the Daily Quizzes
I learned things while working at the board with my group
I generally felt like I understood the material
It was easy to figure out which homework problems to work on
I did at least the minimum amount of homework for each section
I studied for quizzes and tests many days/weeks in advance
I was happy with my performance on Quizzes and Tests
I worked with other people outside of class
I went to the Science and Math Learning Center
Please indicate how much you liked (or did not like) each of the folloiwng things this semester. *
LIkes this a lot
Liked this sometimes
It was fine, whatever
Did not like this
Days that we worked in groups in class
Days that we did not work in groups during class
Not having homework collected/graded
Making and using a Homework Notebook
What one thing could the TEACHER have done differently to better help you succeed in this class?
What one thing could YOU have done differently to better help you succeed in this class?
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