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The new Reverse Harem Audiobook Podcast is looking for submissions! We're featuring new and existing audiobooks by giving readers the chance to listen to the first 2-3 chapters. We also encourage authors/narrators to offer a special discount or freebie to listeners.
Episodes are around half an hour long. Right now, they consist of a short intro followed by the audiobook chapters, but in future, we're hoping to also do interviews with narrators and authors.


Authors, please only submit one audiobook at this time. Narrators, you can submit several audiobooks as long as they're by different authors.

In the beginning, being featured will be free in return for you sharing the podcast on social media and in your newsletter. Later, there will be a small admin fee.

- no triggers of any kind in the first 2-3 chapters
- necessary rights & permissions to share the beginning of the audiobook
- reverse harem only (one woman with 3+ partners)

Priority will be given to submissions with a discount attached. This could be a code to buy the audiobook for cheaper from you direct, a free ebook copy of the audiobook, or something similar.

Submission doesn't guarantee being featured. We're going to try and have a balanced mix of new and existing books across genres. If you're chosen to be featured, you're required to submit the audio files as soon as possible, so you need to have them available when you apply.
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