Hidden Hunza - Pakistan summer tour
A few questions to determine if you're a good fit for our Summer 2020 Hunza tour. Space is very limited, so it's important to bring together the right group of people. No one wants to roam around with someone miserable for days on end, right?

We (Aneeqa and Alex) will review responses and inform you if you've gotten a spot on the tour!
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What is your nationality? (Unfortunately, we cannot accept Indian nationals. However, people of Indian descent with another nationality are welcome to apply.) *
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Why do you want to come to Pakistan? *
Just to understand your travel history: what other countries have you traveled to before, if any? *
If things don't always go according to plan... *
Are you okay with occasionally basic facilities (ex. toilets, showers, electricity, etc.)? *
Are you okay sharing a sleeping space with several people? (Sometimes with 5 or 6 people in traditional homestays) *
Will you be bothered if you see people drink or smoke during the tour?
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