I want to try out Roller Derby!
Voor de Nederlanders:
Uit ervaring weten we dat niet iedereen Nederlands spreekt. Daarom is dit formulier in het Engels.
Je mag gewoon in het Nederlands antwoorden ;)

So you want to see if derby is your thing? Trust us, it probably is!

With this form you'll sign up for our open practices. Depending on your experience, we will teach you skating, stopping, falling and more! You can also borrow skates and protection if you need it, of you can bring your own.

Please fill out the following questions, so we have all the info you need!
We'll contact you in the weeks before the open training dates.

Do you want more info about the open practices? Check out our faceboolpage

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You can borrow skates and protective gear from us if you need to - for free! If you have your own quad skates and protective gear we would like you to bring them. Do you want to borrow skates? *
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Last question! How did you hear about roller derby and/or Roller Derby Groningen?
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Thank you for filling this out! We will send you more info soon. If you don't receive anything, check your spam folder, or contact us at freshmeat@rollerderbygroningen.nl
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