Creating a shared understanding of our reshaped Vision Statement.
The staff has recently reviewed and refined our School Vision Statement. Our new vision statement is, "An inclusive, future focussed environment where everyone is empowered to learn."
It is important that we have a shared understanding of what this means and what it could look like in a school setting. We would appreciate your input with this. Below are thoughts and ideas from the staff. Please feel free to comment on this and/or add any of your ideas.
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INCLUSIVE - A place where every learner thrives.Diversity is respected. Affirming a diverse range of talents, not just academic achievement.Relationships, belonging and feeling valued are at the core.Whole community is valued and welcomed. (Please add your comments or suggestions below).
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FUTURE FOCUSSED - Personalised Learning (Responding to individual needs).Focus on developing strong Key Competencies skills and learning dispositions (eg Perseverance, agility and flexibility in learning, motivation and drive to learn, ability to problem solve and question).Sustainable practices. Providing opportunities for innovation and creativity. Digital technology used to enhance learning. Ability to cope with change. Research based practice. (Please add your comments or suggestions below).
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EMPOWERMENT - High self efficacy (an individual’s belief in his/her innate ability to achieve goals/CONFIDENCE.)A love of learning.To have choices and control over what you do that lead to positive learning.Having a positive attitude towards challenge.To be able to engage with the world in a meaningful way. (Please add your comments or suggestions below).
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