THS Fall Cheer Tryouts 2022
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If you make the cheerleading squad, realize you are making a commitment to Timberline High School, your coaches, your teammates, and yourself for the complete season.  The decision to tryout should not be taken lightly. You will be expected to put cheerleading as one of your top priorities.  Furthermore, as a representative of THS you must always maintain proper behavior.  You must follow the cheerleading guidelines set forth in the Timberline High School Cheerleading Constitution.  Students who break the rules will be disciplined.  By making this commitment to the Timberline High School Cheerleading program, you will receive many valuable and rewarding educational experiences you will remember long after you graduate from high school.  These activities will not only channel your enthusiasm and spirit in a constructive and beneficial manner but will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment in being a part of the Timberline Cheer Team, the Leaders of Wolf Pride.  

Student Agreement

I, ___________________________________, have read and understand the 2022-2023 Tryout Expectations to be a THS Cheerleader.  I agree to abide by the policies described if I am chosen as a member of the squad.  I am agreeing to the information in the packet and understand that failure to adhere to these rules policies could result in dismissal from the squad. 

Type name and date.

Parent/Guardian Agreement

I, __________________________________, the parent or legal guardian of __________________________, have read and understand the 2022-2023 Tryout Expectations and Parent Expectations to be a THS Cheerleader Parent.  I agree to abide by the policies described if my child is chosen as a member of the squad.  I also agree to the financial obligations as they are described in the information provided.  I understand failure by me or my child to adhere to these policies could result in dismissal from the squad.

Type name and date.


Please take a moment and read carefully to ensure you fully understand the expectations of Timberline High School Cheerleaders. After reading each item, both the prospective cheerleader and his or her parent will need to initial each item.

/         I understand I am a STUDENT FIRST and an athlete second. We believe all our athletes should strive for academic excellence in the classroom. Your education is your NUMBER ONE priority.

/         I understand my SAFETY is of the utmost importance. To provide the safest environment, we must all work as a team and look out for each other. While stunting, you should be focused and serious. You must follow the coaches’ instructions at all times. Failure to follow the established safety guidelines will result in possible loss of cheering time, suspensions or dismissal from the team (at the coach’s discretion).

/         I understand I can have no more than (3) unexcused absences during practices, games, or events, the first (2) infractions will result in interventions by the coach, and the (3RD) infraction will result in dismissal from the team.

/         I understand an excused absence is limited to mandatory school functions for a grade, death in the family, or contagious illness (doctor’s note must be provided). Missing practice for any reason other than the three listed previously will result in an unexcused absence.

/         I understand if I am injured or sick and not contagious, I am required to attend practice, but not participate.  A doctor’s note or communication from our trainers must show the athlete cannot participate.

/         I understand any action deemed a serious violation that undermines the school or program warrants immediate dismissal. (OSS, Inappropriate Internet Usage, Cheating, any action unbecoming of an THS Cheerleader, etc.)

/         I understand profanity at school, during practices, games, events, or within the community does NOT represent THS Cheerleading. Remember you are an ambassador for our school; please conduct yourself in a manner that represents our school in a positive light.

          /_____I understand fundraising is a requirement to be part of this team.  I will be

responsible for participating in all fundraisers and meet the expected amount to be earned.  I understand if I do not meet the required expectation, the amount will be added to my account balance.

/         I understand I am expected to respect myself, parents, teachers, administrators, coaches, teammates, and classmates AT ALL TIMES!

I, _________________________________ (parent), and I, _________________________________ (athlete) understand, accept, and agree to all the terms and conditions within the THS Cheerleading Contract.   

Please type parent and athlete name & date.



WHEN:            Tuesday, September 6

WHERE:          Cafeteria

TIME:              5:00-7:00

ATTIRE:          Tennis shoes, shorts (no basketball shorts, no sweat shorts)   Shirts: (no past cheerleading attire) 

-All incoming freshman will wear plain white t-shirts

-All sophomores will wear plain black t-shirts

-All juniors will wear plain blue t-shirts

-All seniors will wear plain pink t-shirts

Hair:  slick back high pony tail with a bow.  Absolutely no whispies.  Make sure hair is slicked back.

No jewelry or artificial or long nails

**Jewelry includes belly button rings and nose piercings. Piercings cannot be taped.

**Any violation of tryout attire will result in a loss of points during the tryout clinics.          


WHEN:          Wednesday, September 7

WHERE:         Cafeteria

TIME:           5:00-7:00

ATTIRE:          Same as above


WHEN:          Thursday, September 8

WHERE:          Cafeteria     

TIME:           5:00-7:00        



·       All participants should stay the full time for each day of tryout clinics. Team formations will be made on Thursday night following judging. Once your child has gone in front of the judges, they can leave. 

·       Parents/Friends relatives etc. are not permitted to be present during tryouts/clinics.


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