Branding Opportunities - CGC|NFT 2.0
Year 2021 unlocked the true potential of NFTs and blockchain games. After hosting a massively successful NFT focused event in March, the CGC team witnessed the continued growth of popularity and awareness of everything related to NFTs, as whole new industries and ecosystems began to establish their footprint with this technology.

The overwhelming interest in the topic, real use cases and potential opportunities (that looked insane and unbelievable just a year ago!) led to understanding that there’s so much more to cover than one event could have handled. Game developers, fashion brands, artists, auction houses and celebrities create fantastic things and it’s our mission to unveil them to the world at large! CGC|NFT 2.0 is here as a definitive source of knowledge and insights from cutting-edge businesses and individuals riding the NFT wave and spreading the boundaries of technology and entertainment.

On June 10th and 11th, over 2000 participants from all over the world will virtually mix to share expertise and negotiate business, debate hot topics with expert speakers and pitch breakthrough ideas, connect with like-minded folks and shape the future. Sponsoring CGC|NFT 2.0 is a perfect opportunity to:

• Make new business contacts
• Showcase products and services
• Increase brand awareness
• Recruit new employees
• Meet with clients and prospective customers

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