Hayden's Friday Sounds Sign-Up

I'm thrilled to say Friday Sounds is back!

Some background on the project:

Back in 2018 I started sending out a piece of audio and some writing contextualizing it to a group of people who had signed up to receive them every Friday. The purpose of the project was to give me an outlet to try new things with an audience, but not having to fully release them. I did 20 in 2018, then put it on hiatus to focus on *another project*.

I've now moved to LA, and am giddy to get back moving. This time, however, I'm going to be posting the sounds publicly as well as sending them out to the mailing list, but only for one week. People on the email list, however, will continue to have access to the whole catalogue (they also have access to all 20 of 2018's Friday Sounds).

If you'd like to hear what I've already done / be in the know about the Friday Sounds to come, sign up below!

Until Friday,
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