Haddington Lending Library Signup Form
Please use this form to register with the Haddington lending Library run by the Haddington Community Council resilience Team.
You can browse whats available from the library at

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Please state any information regarding the type or Title of item you would like: EG 1000 piece jigsaw, Crime novel, family game. kids DVD
Your access can take up to 24 hours but once you get added to the system you can view and hold items on the Library site itself and we will deliver them within 48 Hours
Library Access
To access a library https://haddington.libib.com.

Registering for the library
Sign up here https://forms.gle/USFFjRnwBSHWXPiEA
Your account will be live within 24 hours

Getting a Password
You need a password to placing a hold on an item
You can get a password by clicking on “Need Password?” at the bottom of any popup dialogs. This will email you a password.

Placing a Hold on an item
Simply click the “Place Hold” button in the item’s details. This will add the hold to a queue allowing you place holds or checkout other books. Once you’re ready to complete the process click “Complete.”

Update Patron Information
Click “Patron Login” below the organizations logo in the left sidebar and login. Next select “edit profile” from the top menu on the right. This will allow you to update your patron information, change your password, and set your notification preferences.
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