Outrun the Rays Grant Application
Thank you for your commitment to sun safety and your interest in applying for an Outrun the Rays grant! Please read the following guidelines and rules carefully:

Grants are awarded on a first come, first served basis. We award grants for projects in Eastern Iowa. In the past, we have typically awarded funds to projects for shade structures for use in public areas such as schools, ballfields, and parks, but we are interested in supporting any project that increases sun safety and awareness. Funds will be disbursed after completion of your project. The requesting organization will be required to purchase and display prominent signage indicating the support of Outrun the Rays within 2 months of project completion, and the design and location of the signage shall be approved by Outrun the Rays.

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Please describe your project. Include information such as whether the project is new construction or an enhancement of existing property, how your project provides sun protection, and who will be the primary beneficiary of the project. Also describe any current efforts or facilities that provide sun protection. *
Please upload your project's itemized budget (from a separate document). Include the total cost of your project, the amount your organization will contribute (including in-kind), and the amount being requested from Outrun the Rays.
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