Brief Questionnaire for CCL Volunteers
Answer these brief questions so that we can help you get started with Marin CCL. Contribute to our work in ways that match your interests, use your skills, and lead to personal breakthroughs. Complete Section 2 if you are ready to take on specific roles, tasks and projects.
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What motivates you about solving the climate crisis?
What drew you to Citizens' Climate Lobby?
What are your interests generally?
What are your areas of expertise? (Examples might include: writing, editing, public speaking, networking, hosting, emailing, list managing, shopping, greeting, leading, outgoing, detail-oriented, motivates others, likes to work alone or with others.)
What groups are you part of (work, social, volunteer, etc.)? What city / neighborhood do you live in?
How much time would you like to commit to contributing to the climate movement?
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How do you like to work? (Check all that apply)
What task would you like to tackle first? And what role do you aspire to? (Examples might include: write a letter to your congressmember, write a letter to the editor, help at an outreach table, host a letter writing party at your home, meet with local leaders, bring snacks to a CCL monthly meeting. Eventually aspiring to CCL congressional liaison, local media coordinator,  co-group leader, presentation scheduler or speaker, or starting a new project in CCL.)
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Would you like to work with a Marin CCL mentor or buddy to help you get started?
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