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Looking for honest reviews for some common big ticket household appliances? Well, you have come to the right place.

When we need a new grill, smoker, air conditioner or any other gadget we are planning to use for years to come, we always try to buy the best thing available in the market.

It is not easy to make the right choice without proper research. So we decided to share the results of our research and also our user experiences with you.

Household appliances such as grills, air conditioners, humidifiers have become a big part of our lives now. Choosing the right appliance is a very big decision as you do not want to blow your hard-earned money into thin air.

In order to help you out, I am reviewing these domestic products on my website in order to help you buy the right appliance.

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Your Current Appliances
Let's begin with finding out which types of appliances you have and use.
Which of these appliances do you have at home?
Grills and Barbecues
Which type of grill you choose depends on three factors: Where will you most often be grilling? How often will you grill? How much time do you take to barbecue? Of course, there is also the question of how many people are welcomed. A larger grill gets more people full without long waiting times.
Weber Charcoal Grill
Which type of grill do you have
Which brand grills do you have?
Buying Charcoal / Electric / Gas Grills
Charcoal Grill buy: This should be noted before buying

Embers, ashes, smoke and fire - grilling with charcoal is an art in itself. There are countless types of fuel and fuel. How you layer the coal has a huge impact on performance and burning time. Here you have the most influence on the variables, for example by setting up grill zones. The quick lighting of the grill is already an art in itself: who gets the grill with which tool the fastest to operating temperature? Due to the many factors, we do not want to talk too much about the quality of the finished barbecue, because every hobby or professional griller uses his own techniques as a benchmark.

Before buying a charcoal grill you should note that it is usually not suitable for the balcony of a rental apartment. In many cases, use by the landlord is ruled out so as not to bother neighbors with smoke and soot. In the garden or on a large terrace, however, things are different. Either way, you should inform yourself in advance whether a charcoal grill is the right solution for your application.

Buy electric grill: This should be noted before buying

If a storm is raging outside and the grilled sausage is still lying on the plate inside, an electric grill is the ideal instrument, because you can only use coal and gas grills outdoors. Also on the domestic balcony, the mobile and space-saving electric grill is recommended. Of course, there are also disadvantages: When it rains you have to save the equipment in the open immediately, and the typical charcoal not get you easily. However, some manufacturers offer electric grills with infusor. This should help you to consume your grilled food easily. Here you can even choose between different types of wood.

Basically, electric grills are the most flexible solution, provided that a socket or a sufficient extension cable are nearby. In addition, they are ideal for the balcony of an apartment, as a possible smoke is almost exclusively dependent on the grilled food. This not only spares white walls, but also the nerves of less grill-enthusiastic neighbors.

Buy Gas Grill: This should be noted before buying

Gas grills have many advantages over their charcoal counterparts: The grill is ignited within seconds and ready after a few minutes for the first barbecue. The grills remain similarly mobile - whether you carry packages charcoal or a gas cylinder, it does not matter. However, you can also run gas grills with handy cartridges, and a five-kilo bottle will take you throughout the summer. Another advantage: no smoke that annoys the neighbors. What you have to do without gas grills is charcoal. The grill zones are usually predefined and do not leave much room for maneuver. For this you can regulate the gas flame.

A gas grill offers the greatest maintenance compared with other types of grill, resulting in potential hazards. The pressure regulators should not be dirty, because the gas pressure can not be controlled properly and in the worst case, gas collects in the grill. The hoses must always remain in view and should be replaced at the latest when they become porous and brittle. However, you do not have to worry about that: with proper handling and regular maintenance, gas grills are basically not a serious hazard.
Grilling On Coal In Style
Air Conditioners

Wall Air Conditioner: The operation is the same as for mobile air conditioning units, but the equipment parts are permanently mounted and the connecting cables are not solvable. The room unit (cooling unit) can be designed as a wall, ceiling or chests unit. The weatherproof device exterior part (condenser) is fixed in the open air. This design ensures very quiet operation in the room. With appropriate execution of this device a heating operation (during the transitional period) is possible.

Compact air conditioning units for exterior wall or window installation: This design is particularly space-saving, since all components are housed in a compact housing. The installation is limited to two holes for the cooling air - the heated air is directed into the open air. In terms of energy efficiency and comfort (volume!) Wins but usually the air split unit.
Grill Covers
A grill cover will help keep your grill looking good for years to come. You should cover your grill after every use once it has cooled down. While some worry that a grill cover will encourage rusting, this is a myth.

Are you using a grill cover?
Untitled title
A grill cover will protect your outdoor grill from the elements year round. Grill covers vary in size as well as materials. Different climates require different types of covers.

Having the right grill cover is very important and can make your grill last for years and years. Protect your grill from the elements with quality grill cover.
Which type air conditioner do you have
Why do you need an air conditioner to avoid extreme heat?
Exposing the body to extreme heat can push it beyond its normal conditions and can result to death. Normally, when the human body is exposed to high temperature, it automatically perspires and cools down by on its own. But when subject to extreme heat and high humidity, the human body finds it hard to react normally thus leading to extreme reactions and sometimes death.

This is common in old and young people, as well as sickly and overweight people. Men sweat more than women. That is why they are more prone to effects of extreme heat because when exposed to this condition they perspire heavily and becomes dehydrated.

Prolong exposure to extreme will lead critical physical reaction and sometimes death. There are studies that show that a rise in the number of heat-related illnesses takes place when the atmosphere is extremely hot for a long period of time.
To avoid harmful effects of extreme heat, one must have the knowledge about what it’s all about and how to protect one’s self. Learn all about extreme heat conditions and how you can keep yourself from its fatal effects, before it’s too late.
Room Air Humidifiers
Do you have tired eyes, irritated skin or sleep badly at night? Headaches are no longer an exception, but an almost daily torment? Then it is very likely that the room air and thus your breathing air in the room is too dry. Especially in winter, the room climate in most rooms is far too dry, because the heating is running continuously and the air dries out. A good room or humidifier can solve these problems quickly.

But which humidifier or aroma diffuser is right for you? Which model is currently the best on the market and where do you find the best price / quality ratio?
Which type air humidifier do you have?
Humidifier Buying Advice
You must pay attention to these points when buying humidifier.

*** Humidifiers are particularly good for allergy sufferers***

The atomizers with ultrasound prove to be particularly pleasant for allergy sufferers in many a humidifier test. It is particularly practical that they moisturize the air throughout and thus create a pleasant and soothing climate. This atomizer type is therefore the best humidifier for allergy sufferers.

For example, we recommend the Medisana AH 660 air humidifier, which also has a filter that removes the dust from the air.

***Bedroom or living room? Humidifiers are available for different rooms.***

A humidifier that is in the living area should be as quiet as possible.

A humidifier for the bedroom must have two important factors: It must be quiet and not equipped with a bright display.

If you find it hard to sleep in the evening, you should opt for an atomizer humidifier. A drop of lavender or lemon balm oil can often work wonders. The desired humidifier flavor can be obtained, for example, from pharmacies and often also drugstores. An automatic shut-off via a timer completes the humidifier for the bedroom perfectly.

A humidifier for the office or the living room, however, may well work with light, but it is also recommended to look for a quiet model in a room humidifier test. Here is a look at the humidifier test winner quite worthwhile. If you save at the wrong end, you'll probably be annoyed by a device that's too loud (especially if it's near your desk or couch).

A nebulizer is only recommended if it has a sensor that responds when the room air is too humid and then turns off or down regulates itself. Otherwise, the evaporator is the better choice, since the room air in these devices usually never gets too wet and thus in the long term no damage to electrical equipment must be feared. A very good humidifier with evaporator is for example the Philips Humidifier HU5930 /10.

***Tank volume and running time should be in good ratio***

In our humidifier comparison, you can see very well how much volume the water tank of each model has and how many hours the humidifier can operate with it. Most humidifiers in one or the other test will run for between 10 and 20 hours.

The tank volume usually varies between 1/2 and 2 gallons.

Whether you decide for a large or small humidifier depends on the usage. For the nights in the bedroom, the small humidifier is usually sufficient. On the other hand, if you spend the whole day in the office, then it should be a big humidifier, which ideally provides good air before your actual working hours.

***Humidification units should match the room size***

The humidifier should be adjusted to the size of the room.

If you want to humidify the air sufficiently, you should follow the recommendations of the brands or manufacturers. Most humidifiers are designed for rooms with a room size between 200 and 400 square feed.

It is important to pay attention to the cubic meter information. Some of these differ considerably from one manufacturer to another. While some room humidifiers are only designed for rooms up to 900 sq ft, other models create more than 200 m³.
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