CAD for Charity
This is a part of our STEAM for the Hospitalized initiative, a program that we started here at The STEAM Connection. This initiative was spearheaded by 12-year-old Vinaya Gunasekar, an ambassador of ours at The STEAM Connection. She is a young changemaker, environmental activist, FIRST Robotics member, and upcoming Bots with Boyer podcast co-host. She is raising money to bring STEAM educational kits to hospitalized kids in Michigan that have been isolated due to the virus. We are accepting donations as the fees for two of our classes co-taught by Vinaya. $10 is the suggested donation. Learn more at

Class Description: Learn about the world of engineering, robotics, and 3D modeling through a kid's CAD software. We will be teaching students how to CAD a robot design that emulates designs from Boston Dynamics. We will be teaching step-by-step how to access the software, create a design ready to 3D print, and export the design. This class covers engineering basics, graphical symbols, how to pan and zoom on the platform, manipulating shapes, publishing your design, and much more. We will bring in a guest judge and mechanical design expert to review the designs that the students create. The winner of the challenge will receive a free 3D print of their design!* You will need a mouse and laptop/desktop for this class. Parents are welcome to attend alongside their students. All form answers are kept private.

Date: June 18th, 2020
Time: 4 PM EST
Location: Zoom
Language: Class will be taught in English
Suggested Donation: $10 Dollars. Donations are accepted through PayPal, other virtual payment methods, and via mail. PayPal: All proceeds go to sending free STEAM kits to children who are hospitalized.

Once you fill out this form, we will send you a confirmation email and let you know your acceptance status. We will send you a link to the Zoom call and any instructions needed to get started. Please send any questions or comments to us at

*Restrictions apply.
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Racial Self-Identification
Our COVID-19 Robotics Initiative is intended for POC students. Since we have a limited number of students who can participate in this class, we ask that you respect our prioritization of minority students who will benefit from this program.
Racial Self-Identification
Access to the Internet and a Computer Mouse
We ask if you have access to these resources because our Zoom program relies on it. We know that Internet access and resources are a huge problem for many communities, but unfortunately do not have the resources to provide these resources at this time. We are only able to accept students to our class that answer "yes" to these questions.
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