CARE Spay/Neuter Voucher Application
CARE's spay/neuter vouchers allow for low-income pet owners to spay and neuter their pets in order to decrease overpopulation. Our vouchers act as a discount for up to $50 off per spay/neuter. The exact cost of your procedure will be determined by the veterinary clinic you select later in this application. We recommend calling the veterinary clinic of your choice for any questions regarding spay/neuter pricing BEFORE submitting this application.
I understand that CARE's vouchers are limited to pet owners who make less than $32,000 per year, and that I may be asked to provide proof of income in order to receive my voucher. *
I understand that CARE will only provide a maximum of one voucher per month for a total of four vouchers per year. *
I understand that I must fill out one application for each pet that I need spayed or neutered. *
I understand that CARE's vouchers ONLY apply to spay/neuter operations. CARE's vouchers will NOT cover the cost of vaccinations, microchipping, cosmetic procedures, etc. *
I understand that my voucher will be cancelled if I attempt to declaw my pet, crop my pet's ears, or dock my pet's tail. *
I understand that I must select my veterinary clinic from the list provided later in this application, and that particularly low-cost clinics are designated with an asterisk (*). I also understand that it is my responsibility to ask my selected veterinary clinic about their spay/neuter pricing BEFORE I submit this application. *
I understand that CARE will NOT reissue another voucher for pricing or availability reasons.
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